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In addition to her real estate services, Nancy Romo is also a certified Notary Public. This means that she is authorized by the state of California to witness and certify signatures on legal documents such as contracts, deeds, and affidavits. As a Notary Public, Nancy can help clients with the notarization of important documents, providing a convenient and reliable service for individuals and businesses in need of notary services.

Notary Public: All You Need to Know
A Notary Public is a public official who is certified by the state government to observe and certify the signing of legal documents. Notaries play an important role in many legal transactions and are responsible for ensuring the legitimacy and legality of the documents they notarize. Within this article, we will examine the fundamentals of Notary Public and answer some frequently asked questions.

What is a Notary Public?
A Notary Public is a state-appointed public official who is authorized to witness and certify the signing of legal documents. Notaries serve as impartial witnesses to the signing of significant documents, such as wills, contracts, and deeds, and are accountable for confirming the identity of the signers, making certain they are signing the document on their own, and guaranteeing that the document is not fake.

What's Notarization?
Notarization is the procedure by which a Notary Public certifies that a document is authentic and has been signed by the individual whose signature shows up on the document. The Notary Public will examine the document, verify the identity of the signer, and then affix their official Notarized Stamp on the record.

What Documentation Can a Notary Public Notarize?
A Notary Public can notarize any record that requires a witness or certification of authenticity. Typical paperwork that require notarization include wills, trusts, deeds, contracts, affidavits, and powers of attorney.
Notary Public Near Me: Finding a Notary
If you need to have a document notarized, you can discover a Notary Public near you by doing a simple online search for "Notary Public near me" or "Notary services near me". Many banks, law firms, and shipping stores offer Notary services as well. Nancy Romo is an Authorized Notary Public and can be contacted via info@nancyromo.com or calling (833) 556-0004.
Mobile Notary Services
If you are not able to travel to a Notary Public, or if you need a document notarized outside of regular business hours, you may want to think about a Mobile Notary Service. Nancy Romo is a Mobile Notary is a Notary Public who'll travel to your destination to notarize your papers.
In retrospect, Notary Publics play a important role throughout the legal system by guaranteeing the genuineness and legality of important paperwork. Regardless you need a Notary Public for a regular notarization, or a mobile notary service, there's numerous choices available to anyone. So, if you need a contract notarized, be sure to do your homework and find the Notary Public that is right for you. Nancy Romo should be your first choice in needing a Notary Public.

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